Benefits of Painting Stucco

If the exterior of your home has stucco coating finishes, you are very fortunate. Not only that is this durable, attractive and long-lasting, it can effectively protect your house against harmful elements as well. However, just like some other types of siding, the color of the stucco can fade in the long run. When this occurs, you may be wondering if stucco can be painted on your house. With the right preparation, correct painting materials and the right paint, exterior stucco painting can basically offer a lot of advantages. 

Stucco is considered one of the most famous exterior finishes for houses as it can look very beautiful for years and is low-maintenance when taken care of. As a matter of fact, hiring a professional and experienced painter to paint the stucco or even a Stucco Repair Utah County service provider can make sure that you’ll be able to receive the following unique benefits: 

  1. Seals Out Moisture

you may observe that your home’s stucco absorbs water or moisture and becomes darker until it dries up. Once you decide to paint stucco, the paint totally seals the material, therefore, moisture will not penetrate it. It also allows the color of the stucco to stay consistent even during the rainy season. While it is so true that the stucco is very known for absorbing water, painting stucco with the appropriate paint can make sure it remains waterproofed and also, damp spots are actually kept at bay.  

With that being said, manufacturers of paint have developed a special and high-quality exterior painting systems for your stucco to make it more weather resistant. Furthermore, preventing moisture or water from penetrating through stucco can definitely help your residential property maintain a beautiful look for several years to come. 

  1. Covers Stains

You may see rusting and water stains running in standing lines on the stucco (commonly beneath the frames of your windows). Aside from that, painting stucco can cover and block these stains. If painting is done by a professional, stains will not then appear again for many years on the new surface. 

  1. Gives Better Curb Appeal

One of the best ways in order to make a home stucco stand out on its curb is by painting it with fresh paint coats. Whether you’re in the market to have your house sold, or want to keep your house looking amazing and beautiful for years to come, painting stucco is basically a very easy solution for enhancing the looks of the exterior walls. The appropriate stucco paint can communicate to your neighbors, homebuyers and visitors since it makes a very classic and attractive appearance which lasts for a long period of time. 

  1. Fill Hairline Cracks

Hairline cracks will only turn into a major problem with time. If left unattended, chunks of stucco will pop out as well as expensive repairs will also be required. Painting your house with quality thick paint can fill those hairline cracks naturally using the paint film. It is also very important to note that expert painters will require to fill bigger cracks in stucco with masonry or caulk patching before painting.